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Blessed be thy feet,

for they have brought thee in these ways.

Blessed be thy knees,

that shall kneel before the sacred altar.

Blessed be thy womb,

for without which we would not be.

Blessed be thy breasts,

formed in beauty.

Blessed be thy mouth,

that shall utter the sacred names.

about this site 


For this site, I started it believing that I could make one great big site and have everything I wanted on there.  Come to find out, I have too much stuff I want to write about and share.  If money permits, I may be able to expand this site further to include more and more over time.  Until then, please bear with me as I add to this site, and thank you for coming.  Comments are appreciated and if you find a section on this site, or any of the others, that you would like to submit to, or have comments on, please feel free to contact me @ ruevougemourge at yahoo dot com; wiccanbytheway at yahoo dot com (meant for the spammers, if you're a real person, you know how to write the address out correctly) or at the following address: 898 Dan Lenard Road, West Monroe, LA 71292.

To tell a little about me and the site, here goes.  My magical name is Trinite, and I am a mother of three, living in Northern Louisiana.  I am 31, and have been a Witch since I was 15.  Over the years, I have studied different variations of Wicca and Pagan religions in general, I also studied Buddhism for a while.  A couple of years back I finally realized I could go beyond my personal circle and put some of my knowledge and experience out there to others and learn from them too.  Some of this is my personal information, some borrowed from friends and acquaintances.  I do accept personal experience information for the site, including rituals, spells, candle/stone/etc. information and magick, even Pagan/Wiccan poetry and articles, you keep the rights to your work.  Obviously if I realize it is the work of somebody else I wont put it up- meaning if I just read it in a Raymond Buckland book or somewhere, don't expect me to post it.  I trust that most people are trustworthy when/if they send something in.  Also, on the Pagan Pals page, this is a place to find others of like minds.  There are already a few names up there.  If you would like to be added, send me a note to one of the email addresses, or physical address, above.  Also, please adhere to the note below what to send in.  Otherwise, if you use the pen pal list, have fun making new friends! 

One last note.  This site is completely free.  There is a donations page, a page for gardening seeds, and one for PaganPoets products.  The recycling Bin is free to have an item posted to, you and the other person trading with deal out your personal expenses if you decide to trade off your Pagan products.  There is no need to buy anything on the other pages, but with minimal continued support, this site can continue to develop and its hope is to one day is to be a completely operational non-profit that gives back to Witches. 

Blessed Be and Thank you for visiting the site.  I hope to hear from you, even if it for an idea, or just to say hello!