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The Goddess

The Goddess is the Mother Earth, and the centerpiece for most of the Wiccan Faith and many others, as well as the God.  Both of them go by many names and many forms.  Here the Goddess is described in all her names, forms, and aspects. 


Athena (Greek)

Artemis (Greek)

Aphrodite (Greek) 

Brighid (Celtic)

Calypso (Greek)

Ceres (Roman) 

Circe (Greek)

Demeter (Greek)

Diana (Roman)

Eris Greek) also spelled Eros)

Eurynome (Greek)

Fates (Greek)- The Fates consists of three who determine when life begins, ends and the time between lives. 

Flora (Roman)

Furies (Greek)- The Furies consisted of three

Gaia (Greek)

Ganymeda (greek)

Graces (Greek)

Harmonia (Greek)

Hecate (Greek)

Hera (Greek)

Hestia (Greek)

Iris (Greek)

Isis (Greek)

Juno (Roman)

Maia (Greek)

Minerva (Roman)

Muses (Greek)

Nemesis (Greek)

Nix (Greek)

Pasiphae (Greek)

Persephone (Greek)

Phoebe (Greek)

Psyche (Greek)

Rhea (Greek)

Selene (Greek)

Themis (Greek)

Venus (Roman)

Vesta (Roman)

The Triad

This concept for the Goddess usually comes in the form of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, but there are others such as the life, death, rebirth.  It can be in the form of three Goddesses, or a single Goddess in all three forms.

invocation to Brighid

Brighid of the holy wells,



comforter to women in labor

and lambs in the cold fields.

Brighid-eternal flame

hidden in heart,

bring blessings.



crowned with candles,

cleanser and healer,

pure as snow



guardian of the sacred word,

mystical flame-bearer,

inspirer of women.