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Pen Friends

It's rather wonderful I think,

when friends are made by pen and ink.

A piece of paper, blue and white,

someone decides that she will write,

to someone that she has never seen,

who lives where she has never been.

A pen becomes a magic wand,

two strangers start to correspond.

Not strangers long, but soon good friends,

just note how their last lettr ends.

How pleasant their exchange of views,

the comments of important news.

Two friends who live quite far apart,

can gladden much each other's heart,

can nourish too each other's mind,

with goodly thoughts i letters kind.

It's truly beautiful I think,

the friendship sprung from pen and ink.

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Frederick R. Mayberry #91965 

A.V.C.F. L.U. #4

Box #1000

Crowley, CO 81034

Incarcerated male seeking correspondence with students/professors of psychology and the human development.  Email can be sent through .  I can only send snail mail so please include mailing address.  I welcome correspondence from all, and will respond honestly to all letters.  You may visit my prison profile at .-----

Mary Elizabeth Graff

25662 Frenchtown Rd.

Frenchtown, MD 21871

email to .   Goth ballerina artist seek other femme girls for friends/sisters/love.  Wiccan/Pagan living on a remote island but near Ocean City, MD.  :ove board walk, tattoo, Thelma and Louise, Evanescence, 90's goth rock, art, books, Anne Rice, silver, Doc Martins, Rob Zombie, Halloween and macabre, Theatre.  Seek sisters to bond and have fun with.  I love to work with my hands and seek other artists.-----

Tina Conatser

122 B

Ripley, TN 38063

Mom of 3, faerie witch.  Works moon magic.  Seeks others to correspond with via regular mail, maybe online.-----

Kris Olson

4358 State Rd.

Belton, KY 42324-----


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