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The Moon


The Quarters

The moon waxes and wanes, and as it goes through this cycle it is called the lunation cycle.  It is approximately twenty-nine and a half days, and goes from New Moon to Full Moon, and back again.  The cycle is diided into quarters, also called phases.  There are several names for each of the phases and it may not be covered by what you know them by or correspond them to.

First Quarter

The quarter begins at the New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are in the same place, or conjunct.  (This means that the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree of the same sign.)  The moon is not visible at first, since it rises at the same time as the Sun.  The New Moon is the time of new beginnings, beginnings of projects that favor growth, externalization of activities,and the growth of ideas.  The first quarter is the time of germination, emergence, beginnings and the outward of directed activity.

Second Quarter

The second quarter begins halfway between the New Moon and the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are at right angles, or a ninety-degree square to each other.  This half Moon rises around noon and sets around mdnight, so it can be seen in the western sky the first half of the night.  The second quarter is the time of growth and articulation of things that already exist.

Third Quarter

The third qarter starts at the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite one another and the full light of the Sun can shine on the full Sphere of the Moon.  It can be seen rising from the East at sunset, and rising a little later each evening.  The Full Moon stands for illumination, fulfillment, culmination and completion, going inward, emotional expressions, and hasty action that leads to failure.  The third quarter is a time of maturity , fruition and the full form of expression.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter begins about halfway between the Full Moon and New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are again at ninety degrees, or a square.  The decreasing moon rises at midnight and can be seen in the East during the last half of the night, reaching the overhead position just about the time the Sun rises.  The fourth quarter is a time of disintegration and drawing back for reflection.

The moon in the Sun Signs

Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries is good for starting things, but lack in saying powers.  (Aries was after all good at charging into battle, even if his chances of a long term win were slim.)  Things occur rapidly, but also quickly pass.

Moon in Taurus

With the Moon in Taurus things that are started during this sign last the longest ad usually increase in its value.  Things that you start now become a habit and are hard to change later.

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini is an inconsistent position for the Moon.  Things started now are easily changed by outside influences.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer stimulates emotional rapport between people and it pinpoints need, as well it supports growth and nuturance.

Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo accents showmanship, being seen, drama, and happy pusuits.

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo favors accomplishment of details and commands from higher psitions, while it discouarages independent thinking.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra increases self-awareness.  It favors self-examination and interaction with others, yet dicourages sponanious initiative.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio increases awareness of psychic powers.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius encourages expansionary flights of imagination and confidence in the flow of life.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn increases awareness of the need for structure, discipline and organization.  Instructional actvities are favored.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius favors activities that are unique and individuaistic, concern for humanitarian needs and society as a whole, and improvements as whole.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces energy leaves the surface of life and dwells within, reorganizing and realigning.

Moon Phases for 2012

Full moon                                            January 9, 201212:32:14 AM
Last quarterJanuary 16, 201202:09:22 AM
New moonJanuary 23, 201212:41:40 AM
First quarterJanuary 30, 201209:11:43 PM
Full moonFebruary 7, 201202:56:10 PM
Last quarterFebruary 14, 201210:05:41 AM
New moonFebruary 21, 201203:37:09 PM
First quarterFebruary 29, 201206:23:15 PM
Full moonMarch 8, 201202:41:42 AM
Last quarterMarch 14, 201207:27:01 PM
New moonMarch 22, 201208:39:28 AM
First quarterMarch 30, 201201:42:04 PM
Full moonApril 6, 201201:20:26 PM
Last quarterApril 13, 201204:51:14 AM
New moonApril 21, 201201:20:17 AM
First quarterApril 29, 201203:58:16 AM
Full moonMay 5, 201209:36:07 PM
Last quarterMay 12, 201203:48:03 PM
New moonMay 20, 201205:48:21 PM
First quarterMay 28, 201202:16:04 PM
Full moonJune 4, 201205:11:44 AM
Last quarterJune 11, 201204:42:42 AM
New moonJune 19, 201209:03:00 AM
First quarterJune 26, 201209:30:31 PM
Full moonJuly 3, 201212:51:46 PM
Last quarterJuly 10, 201207:49:33 PM
New moonJuly 18, 201210:24:32 PM
First quarterJuly 26, 201202:56:52 AM
Full moonAugust 1, 201209:27:24 PM
Last quarterAugust 9, 201212:56:40 PM
New moonAugust 17, 201209:54:31 AM
First quarterAugust 24, 201207:54:46 AM
Full moonAugust 31, 201207:57:45 AM
Last quarterSeptember 8, 201207:16:10 AM
New moonSeptember 15, 201208:10:34 PM
First quarterSeptember 22, 201201:42:34 PM
Full moonSeptember 29, 201209:18:32 PM
Last quarterOctober 8, 201201:34:11 AM
New moonOctober 15, 201206:02:36 AM
First quarterOctober 21, 201209:33:48 PM
Full moonOctober 29, 201201:50:30 PM
Last quarterNovember 6, 201205:36:55 PM
New moonNovember 13, 201203:08:20 PM
First quarterNovember 20, 201207:32:36 AM
Full moonNovember 28, 201207:47:28 AM
Last quarterDecember 6, 201208:32:49 AM
New moonDecember 13, 2012 01:42:24 AM
First quarter                                  December 19, 201210:19:53 PM
Full moon                         December 28, 2012                                        03:22:40 AM