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herbs and herbal lore


This page is for herbs and all that comes with it.  There is so much to tell, and will be updated as much as possible.  Herbs, in all it's possibilities, has many uses.  It can be used to just add variety to a garden bed in the front of your house, to spicing up dishes, decorating our home, even for theraputic and medicinal uses.  Lastly, it can be used in magic which is the main purpose of this page.  When I first started in the Path, my first study was in herbs and herbal lore.  Over the course of a few years, I collected several notebooks worth of information.  Hopefully I will be able to share what I can with you.  Note- this isn't the most complete list ever to be made, and variations between person to person happens, you may use an herb the way I suggest, or have had no luck in using the way recommened below.  If you have suggestions to add to the magical properties, send them in, I'd love to update it for others! 


The Magical List- A to Z



acacia- psychic powers, money, love spells

adam & eve root- love happiness

adder's tounge- healing

african violet- spirituality, protection

alfalfa- prosperity, protection 

allspice- money, luck, healing

aloe- prtection, luck

alyssum-protection, control of/moderating anger

angelica- vision, healing, protection, exorcism

anise- protection, purification, warding away evil, bad dreams and nightmares, youth

apple- love, healing, garden magic, immortality

apricot- love

arabic gum- spirituality, purifying negativity and evil

arbutus- exorcism, protection

ash- protection, prosperity, sea rituals, health

aster- love

avens- exorcism, purification, love

avocado- love, lust, beauty




balm (lemon)- love, sucess, healing

balm of gilead- love, manifestation, protection, healing

bamboo- protection, luck, wishes

banana- fertility, potency, prosperity

barley- love, healing, protection

basil- wealth, exorcism, love, protection,flying

bay- protection, purification, strength, psychic powers, healing

bean- protection, exorcism, love

bedstraw- love

beech- wishes

beet- love

belladonna- astral projection, visions

benzion- prosperity, purification

bergamot- attracts wealth, sucess in rituals and spells

betony- protection, purification, luck

bistort- fertility, psychic strength, power

bittersweet- protection, healing

blackberry- healing, money, protection

bladderwrack- psychic powers, protection, money, when calling the Seas, Waters and Winds

bleeding heart- love

bloodroot- protection, love, purification

bluebell- luck, truth

blue flag- money

bodhi- fertility, protection, wisdom, meditation

bonset- protection, exorcism

borage- courage, psychic powers

bracken- healing, rune magic, prophecy, dreams

briony- image magic, money, protection

broom- winds, divination, protection, purification

buckthorn- protection, wishes, legal matters

buckwheat- money, protection

burdock- protection, healing




cabbage- luck

cactus- protection, chastity 

calamus- protection, healing, luck, money

camellia- wealth

camphor- divination, health

caper- protection, luck

caraway- lust, health, protection, mental power and strength, anti- health

cardamon- lust, love 

carnation- healing, protection, strength

carrot- fertility, lust

cashew- money

castor- protection

catnip- love, happiness, beauty, youth, magic/work with cats

cat tail- lust

cedar- healing, money, protection, purification

celandine- protection, escape, legality

celery- psychic powers, mental powers, lust

centuary- snake magic/rite/removal

chamomile- sleep, money, love, purification

cherry blossom- love, divination

chestnut- love

chickweed- fertility

chickory- removal of obstacles, favors

chili peppers- fidelity, hex breaking, love

china berry- luck, change

chrysanthumum- protection

cinnamon- spirituality, sucess, healing, power, psychic power, lust protection, love

cinquefoil- money, protection, sleep, dreams, prophecy

clove- love, money, wealth, protection, exorecism

clover- protection, money, love, success

club moss- protection, power

cohosh, black- love, courage, protection, potency

coltsfoot- love, vision

columbine- courage, love

comfrey- money, protection, safety in travel

copal- love, purification

coriander- healing, health, love

corn- protection, luck, divination

cornflower- aids in psychic abilities

cotton- luck, healing, protection, rain, water magic

cowslip- healing, youth, finding hidden treasures

crocus- love, visions

cucumber- chastity, healing, fertility

cumin- protection, exorcism

curry- protection

cypress- healing, protection, luck, longevity, comfort




daffodil- love, fertility, luck

daisy- lust, luck

dandelion- wishes, divination, when calling spirits

deerstounge- lust psychic power

devil's shoestring- protection, luck power, employment/ job searching

dill- love, lust, protection, money

dittany of crete- manifestations, astral projection

dock- healing, fertility, money 

dodder- love, divination, cord/knot magic

 dogbane- love

 dogwood- wishes, protection

dragon's blood- protection, love, power, excorcism

dulse- harmony




ebony- protection, power

echinacea- adds strength to spells of any kind 

elder- protection, prosperity, healing, sleep, anti-hexing

elecampane- love, protection, psychic powers

elm- love 

eucalyptus- healing, protection

euphoria- purification, protection 

eye bright- strength, mental power and strength




fennell- healing, protection, purification

fenugreek- money

fern- rain, protection, luck

feverfew- protection

fig- divination, fertility, love

figwort- health, protection

flax- beauty, protection, healing, money, psychic powers

fleabane- exorcism, protection, chastity

foxglove- protection

frakincense- spirituality, protection, exorcism

fumitory- money, exorcism




galangal- breaking hexes, health, money, protection, psychic powers

gardenia- love, healing, peace,spirituality

garlic- healing, protection

geranium- love, fertility, health, protection

ginger- beauty, wishes, love, protection, money, success, power

ginseng- love, healing, beauty, protection

goldenrod- money, divination

golden seal- healing, money

gourd- protection

grain- protection

grape-fertility, garden magic, mental powers, money

grass- psychic powers, protection

ground ivy- divination




hawthorn- fertility, chastity, happiness, water magic

hazel- fertility, protection, wishes, luck

heather- rain, luck, protection

heliotrope- wealth, healing, dreams, prophecy

hellebore- protection

hemlock- inhibiting sexual drives

hemp- healing. love, vision, meditation

henbane- love, attraction

henna- healing

hibiscus- divination, love

hickory- aids in legal matters

holly- dreams, magic, luck, protection, balance

honeysuckle- protection, money

hops- healing, sleep

horehound- healing, mental powers, protection

horse radish- purification

huckleberry- luck, protection, dream magic

hyacinth- love, protection, happiness 

hyssop- purification, protection




iris- wisdom, purification

irish moss- money, luck, protection 

ivy- protection, healing




jasmine- love, money, prophecy, dreams

juniper- protection, love, health





lady's mantle- love

lady's slipper- protection

larkspur- health, protection

lavender- love, protection, sleep, chastity, purification, happiness, peace

lemon- purification, love, friendship

lemon balm-

lemongrass- repulsion, psychic powers

lemon verbena- purification, love

lettuce- protection, love, divination, sleep

licorice- love, fidelity

lilac- exorcism, protection, beauty

lily- protection, breaking love spells

lily of the valley- mental powers, happiness

lime-healing, love, protection

lotus- protection, opening something that is locked

lovage- love




magnolia- fidelity

mallow- love, protection 

mandrake- protection, love, money, health

 maple- love, logevity, money

marigold- protection, prophecy, dreams, psychic powers

majoram- protection, love, happiness, health, money, healing

meadowsweet- love, divination, peace, happiness

mint- money- love, prophecy, dreams, purification

mistletoe-protection, love, hunting, exorcixm, travel, protection

moss- luck, money

mugwort- strength, psychic powers, portection, prophecy, dreams, healing, astral projection

mulberry- protection, strength

mullien- courage, protection, health, divination

mustard- fertility, protection, mental powers

myrrh- protection, healing, spirituality

myrtle- love, fertility, youth, peace, money




 nettle- exorcism, protection, healing





oak- protection, health, money, healing, fertility, luck

oats- money

olive- healing, peace, protection

onion- protection, healing, money, prophecy, dreams

orange- love, divination, luck, money

orchid- love




palm- fertility, potency

pansy- love, water magic, divination

parsley- love, protection, purification

passion flower- peace, sleep, friendship

patchouli- money, fertility

peach- fertility, wishes

pear- love

pennyroyal- protection, strength, peace

peony- protection

peppermint- purification, healing, sleep,

periwinkle- love, money

persimmon- healing, luck

pine- healing, fertility, protection, money

plum- healing

pomegranite- divination, luck, wishes, wealth, fertility

poplar- money

poppy- fertility, love, sleep, money, luck, hiding things

potatoe- healing, health

primrose- protection, love




quassia- love



radish- protection

ragweed- courage

ragwort- protection

raspberry- protection, love

rhubarb- protection

rose- love, psychic powers, divination

rosemary- love, mental powers, exorcism,purification, healing, sleep

rowan- psychic powers, healing, protection, power

rue- healing health, love, women's mysteries




saffron- love, healing, happiness, working with winds, strength

sage- wisdom, protection, wishes

sagebrush- purification

St. John's Wort- health, power, protection, strength, divination, happiness

sandalwood- protection, healing, spirituality

sarsaparilla- love, money

sassafras- health, money 

savory- mental powers

scullcap- love, peace

senna- love

sesame- money

shallot- purification

slipery elm- cease of gossip

snapdragon- protection

solomon's seal- protection, exorcism

spanish moss- protection

spearmint- healing, love, mental powers

star anise- psychic powers, love

strawberry- love, luck

sunflower- fertility, health, wisdom

sweet pea- friendship, courage, strength



tansy- health, longevity

thistle- purification

thyme- strength, protection, healing, love, purification, courage

toadflax- protection

toadstool- water rituals

tobacco- healing, purification

tumeric- purification

turnip- protection, endings





valerian- love, sleep, purification, protection

vanilla- love, mental powers

vervain- love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, sleep healing

violet- protection, luck, love, wishes, peace, healing



walnut- health, mental powers, wishes 

wheat- fertility, money 

willow- love, protection, healing,divination

witch grass- lust, love, exorcism, happiness

witch hazel- protection

wolf's bane- protection

wormwood- protection, love, when calling spirits





yarrow- love, courage, psychic powers

yerba santa- beauty, healing, psychic powers

yew- raising the dead

yucca- transmtation, protection, purification


herbs for beauty

herbs in the garden


I have had people tell me, read online, in books and so on, that herbs from the garden were more productive for various reasons, most notably because they are more effective in magic.  I sometimes think the same, especially if there is a lot of intent put into the various stages and harvesting of the herbs being used.  Growing isn't always the option though given the different situations from person to person.  You may live in the city and are not able to grow a bed outside, or inside for that matter if you live in a building that doesn't allow plants, and yes, I've run across that situation myself before.  Other reasons may be that you kill all living plants within a mile  just by thinking about gardening.  Either situation, growing and harvesting your own, or buying them/recieving them from someone else, it's good to know how to  do them for use from beginning to end, even if your beginning begins with buying them from the store, retrieving them from the outdoors somewhere such as a meadow, or from a friend.

herbs for health