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adept- a master of magic, which is someone who has become a teacher to another.

afterlife- there are many different variations to the afterlife, even within Wicca and Witchcraft, but most believe in an actual life after death.  Normally it is believed in Wicca you go to some other kind of plane before being reincarnated back into a new body, such as the Summerlands, the Underworld, or some other kind of hereafter where the soul can be judged for its deeds, recieving either rewards or punishments according to how we lived our previous life/lives.   

altar- a piece of magical furniture used in the Wiccan circle.  It is usually the upmost sacred part of the Circle, normally kep in the center and facing East, or North, usually depending on how the person sets up their circle.  THe altar holds most of the other stationary furniture such as atames, candles, bowls and the Book of Shadows. 

amulet- a consecrated object used for luck, fortune, health, attraction and repulsion.  It can be used in other instances, but these are the most common.  It is a natural made object, something found in nature, as opposed to a talisman which is a man-made object.  A good example of an amulet is what is called a Witches Stone, or Hag Stone.  The stone has natural hold going through and throu, and is carried in your pocket, or a piece of string is strung through the hole and worn around the neck. 

animism- the concept that everything, animate and inanimate, has a consciousness.  Used in this contest, it is believed that everything has a soul which can survive despite the destruction of its host.  Not to be confused with the concept of posession where a foreign soul enters the body- animism relates some sickness and mental disorders with the fact that the host's soul being trapped outside of the body. 

annoint- to mask with oil (normally) and make the object or person holy, worthy and pristine to stand before the intended higher object.

Annwn- Anoon- the Celtic Underworld or Otherworld.

Badbh- Badhu- one of the Triple War Goddesses.

Beltane- festival around May 1st.

Cailleach- Kailyak- a Crone aspect of the Goddess.

Cuchulainn- Ku-chull-in- "Hound of Culann", hero of Ulster cycle.

Dagda- Chief God of the Tuatha de Danann.

Emer- Ay-uer- wife of Cuchulainn.

Geis- Gaysh- magical taboo or prohibition.

Imbolc- Festival held around February 1st. (Also called Imbolg, amongst other names.)

Lugh- Loo- son of the Dagda, a chief of the Tuatha, God of Light, father of Cuchulainn.

Lughnasadh- Loonassa- the Harvest Festival associatd with Lugh.

Rath- Fortified dwellng surrounded by a wall or ditch.

seance- literally meaning "sitting".  The sitting is a communication with the spirits of the dead.  The sitting is done with either just the medium and the "sitter", or the medium, the "sitter" and a group or single person attempting to cross the bridge to contact the dead.  The sitting is usuall done at a circular table and the medium is the gateway for the dead to communicate to the living.  Witches do no perform seances, there is a difference between a Witch and a Medium, though Witches do believe in the communication between the two worlds and realms.

sidhe- shee- a fairy, also a burial mound or burrow.

sigil- a magical design or symbol usually representing a concept of some kind.  It is used as a focal point and/or stimulus, sometimes during rites and rituals, or put in your house somewhere, or a place where it will be used. 

Samhain- Sowain- the festival marking the start of the Wiccan/Celtic year, and is the origin of Hallowe'en.

Tuatha de Danann- Tooatha day Daanan- this is the race that conquered Ireland and later went to live/dwell in the fairy mounds.

Yggdrasil- Eegdrasil- aka Igdrasil, the world tree in Norse Mythology.  It is an Evergreen that covers the entire world.  It is the Guardian Tree of the Gods, and it holds Heaven and Hell together by its branches.  The Gods sit in the tree waiting for Judgement when it is needed for them and it is suppose to hold the nine worlds together ranging from the Giants, the Gods and the Dead.