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the basics on the elements

For starters, there are many different paths to follow for the elements, such as the Tibetan Bon, the Buddhists Mahabhuta, or Hindu Tattva.  I use the classic four elements alongside a fifth.  Each element, as with all else, is connected to things such as smell, direction, food, color, time and so on.  It is the interconnectedness of all things that makes the world go round.  I kind of think of it as gravity, in a way.  The world needs to spin for us to stay on the ground, otherwise we might just be wandering around mindlessly and every so often run across someone who's lost in space too.  It is really hard to cover the elements without covering everything else, like i mentioned above- including the seasons, stones , colors, time, essentiallyeverything.  If I put everything about the elements on this page, it would be as long as a disctionary, so I have cut it up into several pages such as colors and candles, crystals and stone, and so on.  More information will be added over time, as well as other pages hopefully.

Many, including myself, stick to the classic four of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The fifth is Aether, or spirit.  I will contain most of what is on the site to these five, primarily the classic four, since that is what most who come to this site will follow.  Other information will be included, and if you wish to send in something that you find useful, or otherwise is connected to to the Elements, please do so.


The seasons, like the elements, have a large influence on things.  It is the Wheel of the Year, per say, and we need it to follow.  As Witches, we follow from the middle/end of the 'fall', or 'autumn', season to the next fall instead of from the middle/end of the winter season.  It's kind of hard to explain without somewhat expalining The Witches Year.  Like in other cultures- such as in Chinese or Buddhist culture- The Witches Year starts