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There are many forms of divination, someof which I'll explain more than others, but I'll start with an explanation of the art, or act/craft, of divination.  This is a way to foretell the future, or find things that are hidden.  It may be seeing into the future, the past, or the present.  It can be used even to find ordinary things, your car keys, or to find not-so-ordinary things such as your long, lost grandfather. 

tarot- this form is done with cards, and has many varieties of cards and layouts.  It can also be done withregular playing cards.


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The Tarot


     The tarot consists of seventy-eight cards; twenty-two Major/Greater Arcana cards, and fifty-six Minor/Lesser Arcana Cards.   

     The Greater Arcana consists of cards numbered from 1 (one) to twenty-one (21), plus an un-numbered card, or 0.  Each of these has a direct title and has a specific image.  These cards have major influence in readings, and directly placed beside other cards (Major or Minor) have more influence than normal. 

     The Minor Arcana Cards consist of four suits of fourteen cards each corresponding to suits of today's modern playing card decks- swords to spades, cups to hearts, coins to diamonds, and batons to clubs.  Each of the individual cards in each suit are numbered from one to ten, followed by four courtly cards- King, Queen, Valet (Jack) and The Knight (which goes between Queen and Valet). 

     The ordinary cards we use today is likely a direct decendant of the old Tarot decks, and to simplify things the Major Arcana was dropped except The Fool, kept as a Joker.  The Knight and Valet were combined into one. 


The Major Arcana



The Fool

Thoughtlessness. Extravagance. Inconsiderate. Carelessness in promise. Insecurity. Beginning. Adventure. New beginnings. Excitement. Newness.

I The Magician

Self-confident. Willpower. Skill. Initiative. Originality. Dexterity. Craft. Masterfullness. Capability. Trickery. Misleading. Deception.

II The High Priestess

Wisdom. Serinity. Knowledge. Judgement. Learning. Common sense. Understanding. Hidden emotions. Reserved. Demanding. Emotionless. Lack of. Inability to. Uncomfortable. Cold.

III The Empress

Action. Development. Progress. Fertility. Fruitful. Attainment. Accomplishment. Marriage. Mother. Sister. Wife. Femininity, the lack or presence of. Nagging. Practical. Decisive.

IIII (or IV) The Emperor

Realization. Accomplishment. World power. Wealth. Stability. Authority. Endurance. Leadership. Father. Husband. Masculinity, the lack or presence of. Direct pressures. Dominance. Inconsiderate.

V Heirophant

Mercy. Kindness. Goodness. Good advice. Inspiration. Alliance. Humility. Compassion. Servitude. Inactivity. Reservation. Fear. Timidity. Captivity. Lack of conviction. Fear of realization. Fear of fact. Inable to adapt.

VI The Lovers

Love. Beauty. Attraction. Perfection. Harmony. Unanimity. Trials overcome. Confidence. Trust. Temptation. Romance. Infatuation. Tendance towards optimism. Oblivious to possible consequences. Freedom from emotion.

VII The Chariot

War. Vengeance. Difficult. Trouble. Turmoil. Conflicting influence. Outside factors. Indecision. Perplexity. Triumph. Failure. Conquest. Defeat. Possible voyage/journey. Escape. Chaos. Fleet from reality. Rush to decision.

VIII Justice

Equity. Justice. Fairness. Reasonable. Proper balance. Harmony. Righteous. Virtue. Honour. Virginity. Just reward. Self-satisfaction. Sincerity. Good intent. Well meaning. Balanced action. Advice. Equilibrium. Impartial.

VIIII (or IX) The Hermit

Prudence. Withdrawal. Caution. Solicitude. Loner. Insensitive. Expressionless. Misleading. Misguiding. Regression. Recession. Failure to face facts. Fearful of discovery.

X Wheel of Fortune

Destiny. Fortune. Luck. Felicity. Inevitability. approach of change. This card is either good or bad, depending on direct nearby cards. Fate. Godsend. Culmination. Conclusion. Result. End to a problem. Resolution of a question.

XI Strength

Courage. Fortitude. Energy. Determination. Conviction. Resolution. Defiance. Action. Confidence. Physical. Strength. Mind over matter. Accomplishment. Attainment (even when in peril). Liberation (new found strength within it).

XII Hanged Man

Sacrifice. Surrender. Abandonment. Transistion. Suspension. Indecision. Lack of progress. Readjustment. Outside factors with stong play in life. Approach of new forces. Regeneration.

XIII Death

Sudden change. Unexpected change. Surprise event. Failure. Destruction. End. Illness. Death. Finality. Deep influences. Permanent scarring. Possibility of blessing in disguise.

XIIII (or XIV) Temperance

Patience. Acommodation. Moderation. Frugality. Reflection. Temperance. Friendship. Compatibility. Management. Fusion. Consolidation. Ability to compromise. Adjustment. Acceptance of reality. Parental image.

XV The Devil

Violence. Ravange. Bondage. Subordinate. Subservience. Downfall. Bad outside influence or advice. Dependancy upon something else. An ill-tempered person. Lack of.

XVI The Tower

Change. Disruption. Adversity. Calamity. Misery. Deception. Unexpected event. Ruin. Termination. Bankruptcy. Things left behind. The breaking down of old systems/beliefs. Breakthough into new areas.

XVII The Star

Hope. Satisfaction. Bright prospects. Destiny. Insight. Easily influenced. Preperation for new horizons. A mixing of past and present for the future. Culmination of hard work done. Good omen.

XVIII The Moon

Caution. Danger. Scandal. Error. Disillusionment. Deception. Trickery. Bad influences. Ulterior motives. Insincerity. Selfishness. Unknown enemies.

XVIIII (or XIX) The Sun

Triumph. Success. Happiness. Accomplishment. Contentment. Warmth. Affection. Sincerity. Friendship. Newness. devotion. Trust. Achievement in arts. Liberation. Appreciation.

XX Judgement

Determination. Decision. Result. Outcome. Development. Attonement. Forgiveness. Arrival of opportunities. Rejuvination. Readjustment. Rebirth.

XXI The World

Completion. Perfection. Ultimate. Success. Assurance. Major influence. Capability. Fulfillment. Is a strong card referring favorable outcome. Triumph in undertakings. Rewards.

The Minor Arcana


Suit of Swords

King- Courage. Force. Power. Superiority. Aggression.

Queen- Quick witted. Keen. Possible sadness. Loneliness. Privation. Separation. Mourning.

Knight- Bravery. Skill. Strength. Gallantry. Enmity. Heroic actions. Capability.

Valet- Perception. Vigilance. Agility. Adeptness. Alertness. Uncovering/discovering the unknown.

10 0f Swords- Pain. Affliction. Saddness. Tears. Trouble. Mind/mental anguish. Misfortune. Desolate.

9 0f Swords- Misery. Concern. Quarrel. Diasappointment. Despair. Unhappiness. Worry.

8 of Sword- Crisis. Calamity. Conflict. Bad news. Critisism. Turmoil.

7 of Swords- Attempt. New plans. Hope Confidence. Wish. Efforts despite uncertainty.

6 of Swords- Trip/journey. Voyage. Attempt thrugh difficulties. Success after anxieties.

5 of Swords- Conqest. Destruction. Degredation. Loss. Dishonour. Adversaries may arise.

4 of Swords- Respite. Rest. Replenishment. Retreat. Exile. Solitude. Abandonment.

3 of Swords- Absence. Sorrow. Strife. Removal. Seperation. Delay. Opposition.

2 of Swords- Offsetting factors. Harmony. Firm. Accord. Balancing Force.

1 of Swords- Great determination. Triumph. Power. Success. Prosperity. Strength. Conquest.


Suit of Batons

King- Honesty. Devotion. Conscietious/aware. Friendly. Sympathy. Responsive.

Queen- Sympathy. Understanding person. Charming. Loving. Worthy. Chaste. Practical.

Knight- Departure. Journey. Advancement. Flight. Undertakings. Alterations. Absence.

Valet- Loyalty. Emissary. Entusted friend. Strangers with good intentions.

10 0f Batons- Overburden. Opression. Excessve pressures. Decisions. Strive to meet a goal.

9 of Batons- Expecting Difficulties. Strength. Confrontation. Hidden enemies. Ill health.

8 of Batons- Swiftness. Haste.

7 of Batons- Success. Gain. Advantage. Overcoming of obstacles.

6 of Batons- Conquest. Trimph. Good news. Advancing. Expectations of victory.

5 of Batons- Struggles. Labors. Endeavours. Unsatisfied desires.

4 of Batons- Haven. Refuge. Peace. Tranquility. The fruits of labors.

3 of Batons- Strength. Negotiations. Businss.

2 0f Batons- Maturity. Ruler. Attainment. Domination. Control. A dominant personality.

1 of Baton- Creation. Beginning. Birth. An invntion. Destiny. Gain.

Suit of Cups

King- Responsible. Professional. Business. Art. Religious.

Queen- Fair. Adored. Devoted. Admired. Honest. Friend.

Knight- Invitation. Arrival. Approach. Request. Appeal. Proposal.

Valet- Reflection. Meditation. Studious. Intense person.

10 of Cups- Happiness. Joy. Content. Pleasure. Peace. Love. Honor. Family life.

9 of Cups- Success. Material atainment. Abundance. Well-being. Good health. Victory.

8 of Cups-