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looking at colors and their meanings


There are so many ways to use color.  You can wear it to influence your daily life as in clothing and jewelry, you can use it in candle magic to help in aiding spells and rites, you can use it in decorating your house, or even to coordinate flower beds and gardening.  Everybody does it, you don't have to be a Pagan or a Witch either, Witches just use it more presicely for the magical meanings and influences in their daily lives, long term effects, even for health.  Colors can be used alone, or combined for a more effective outcome, even by adding them together in multiple pieces of clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc., or by adding certain oils, textures, stones and so on to the recipe. 

In the herb garden page you can find oils scents and their meanings, as well as recipies for herb/oil mixtures.  Those two mix well with color, as well as gems, crystals and stones, but this page would be far too extensive to combine into one if done that way.

Colors, in aray of spectrum, havean effect on us.  Numerous studies have een released that they affect us, such as emotionally and intellectually.  Used in magic, (rites, riutals or any other kind of magic),  color is used to evoke a similar response to what we are working towards.  You coordinate multiple things, such as stones, candles, and- obviously- color.  In addition to the usual colors and their meanings and effects, the color must also have meaning to you as well.  Per say, if you wanted to do a purification spell, you might choose white as a primary color for what you are about to do.  But you don't really like white, or you don't work well with it because it's really bright and breaks your attention during ritual.  Then you might want to choose something darker, or a grey tone.  Sometimes (really a lot of times) what matters is your intent, your concentration, you.  If you do your work and you are not at your fullest, then your work will not be at it's fullest either.  You may even end up at an entirely different destination than what you intended.  Purification may end up being a blur of multiple effects.




gold- (masculine) 

silver- (feminine)















basic uses of colors


black- mystery, protection, death, earth, stability (black is an elemental color)

white- purity, innocence, wholeness, completion, cleanliness, birth

grey- neutral, impartial, indecisive, deatched, sorrow, security, maturity

gold- (masculine) wealth, success, achievement, triumph, prosperity, wisdom

silver- (feminine) related to the moon and with the ebb and flow of tides, fluid, emotion, sensitive, mysterious, soothing, calming, purifying

magenta- unversal harmony, emotional balance, spiritual, practical, encouraging common sense, balanced outlook on life

pink- compassion, nurturing, unconditional love, understanding, beauty

turquoise- openess, communication, understanding, clarity, thought

purple- imagination, spirituality, stimulation, inspiriation, royalty, magic, mystery

indigo- intuition, perception, deep/high thought, works with the third eye, meditation, contemplation

blue- trust, responsibility, youth, spirituality, truth, peace (blue is an elemental color)

Blue is the coolest color.

green- balance, harmony, growth, life, nature, fertility, well being (green is an elemental color)

yellow- the mind, intellect, wisdom, intellectual energy, joy, happiness (yellow is an elemental color)

orange- adventure, social communication, emotional strength, vitality, endurance

red- energy, passion, action,physical needs, will, fire, heat, danger (red is an elemental color)

Red is the warmest color.

brown- earth, order, convention (brown is an elemental color)



days of the week and their colored candles


These are for the color associated with the days of the week and specific candles. 

Sunday- yellow

Monday- white

Tuesday- red

Wednesday- purple

Thursday- blue

Friday- green

Saturday- black


astrological candles and their colors


These are the colors associated with the astrological signs and their candles.

Aquarius- light blue, pale yellow

Pisces- aquamarine

Aries- red

Taurus- green

Gemini- yellow, orange

Cancer- white, dark green

Leo- gold, yellow

Virgo- grey, marbled

Libra- royal blue

Scorpio- black, red

Sagittarius- dark blue, purple

Capricorn- black, dark brown


Sabbat candles and their colors


Samhain- black, orange

Yule- red, green, white

Imbolc- red, pink, brown

Ostara- green, yellow, gold

Beltane- dark green

Litha- green, blue

Lughnasdadh- yellow, orange

Mabon- orange, brown, yellow


candle color meanings

white- white balances all colors and cn be used for other colors as needed.  Even when not being used in candles, when you are not sure which color touse, or don't have a color, use white.  It helps with spiritual enlightenment,